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Koroni and the surrounding areas have sights of rare beauty that attract tourists and visitors every year. The imposing Venetian fort in the city captures everyone's interest immediately and invites them to walk the paved streets in order to have a taste of history while enjoying panoramic views of the Messinian bay. It is a seaside, picturesque town, built amphitheatrically on a low hill, where the narrow streets and steps and colored houses along with the imposing castle on the hilltop speak of a place full of history. In Koroni however, history meets pleasure so we must mention that some of the best beaches in Greece are but minutes away. They are: Memi beach, Zaga beach, Krioneri beach, Ammoudi beach, Kalamaki beach, Tsapi beach, Petroula beach, Aghia Triada beach and Gargarou beach.

Foinikounda and Gialova are nearby fishing villages with intense island colors filled with images, tastes and smells that are worth visiting in order to enjoy their beauty.

Methoni is another of the historic towns od the Peloponnese. With an imposing castle and a gorgeous seaside fort (Methoni Bourtzi) it serves as a popular destination while maintaining a magical and romantic atmosphere.

The island group of Oinouses consists of the island Sapienza, Aghia Marina ans Schiza. The first island has a unique Koymaria forest and notable fauna (Mouflon and Kri Kri) and also an enchanting beach.

Pilos is a beautiful city with many sights like the ancient town of Pilos, Palaeokastro (a large castle that extends to the north side of Navarino bay), Niokastro (the newest castle in the city) and the island of Sfaktiria that is rich in history.

The palace of the king of Pylos, Nestor are one of the best Mycenean palaces preserved and it is assumed that they were built during the 13th century bc. In those palaces many murals, floors and written decorations were found and the thousand signs which is written in the second oldest form of the Hellenic language, the Linear B dialect.

Polilimnio is a small but well hidden paradise for nature lovers and explorers. It consists of 15 natural lakes with interesting names, waterfalls and lush paths. Swimming in the lakes is allowed but it is only for the brave since the water is extremely cold.

Voidokilia beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece with shallow waters and an enormous golden sandy shore and it sits sight next to the wetland lagoon of Divari.

Ancient Messini was the capital of Messinia. It was established near the village of Mavromati at the western side of Ithomi mount that was the most powerful natural and man-made fort of Messinia. The town was built by the Thivean general Epamenon in 369 bc, who freed Messinia from the Spartans. Its name was given after the mythical queen "Messini" and flourished dutring the Hellenistic and early imperial times. At the time a strong wall was built around it. The extensive restorations and excavations commenced in 1987 and continues until today in ancient Messini while findings and relics are displayes at a small archaeological museum.

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